NOW HIRING: $3000 bonus EMT ,salary $25 per hour,/MAVO drivers, we provide certifications, Dispatcher, EMT & MAVT Supervisor, Billing position, Office Manager


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All of our ambulances are staffed by certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's). These highly trained individuals are equipped with the knowledge to provide emergency Basic Life Support (BLS) measures to any patient who may become in distress. They ensure constant supervision of each patient they care for. All MLSS EMT's are qualified in techniques, which include the assessment of vitals, first aid techniques, suctioning, administration of oxygen using various methods, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation for adults, children, and infants, the use of automated external defibrillators, childbirth, and more. MAV - Mobility Assistance Vehicles (Wheelchair Coach).

Care and comfort does not have to be compromised by individuals confined to traveling in a wheelchair. Whether you are traveling to and from a doctor's appointment, dialysis treatment, radiation therapy, and outpatient procedure, or even a family function, MLSS provides courteous attendants and specially equipped wheelchair coach vehicles for your transportation needs. Our Mobility Assist Vehicles have hydraulic wheelchair lifts, which securely transport wheelchair riders into and out of the vehicles. Our transportation specialists receive specialized training and all certified in Mobility Assistance Vehicles Techniques (MAVT). They understand the needs and care of those traveling in wheelchairs and provide the utmost in care and understanding.

Our Fleet MLSS fleet consists of state-certified emergency ambulances and MAV (Wheelchair Coach) vehicles. Each of our units equipped with a wide range of supplies to provide medical care in emergency and non-emergency situations. Further, every unit is radio-equipped, allowing for immediate communication between the vehicles and our dispatchers, as well as to any state-dispatched agency necessary to provide an appropriate level of patient care!